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Aug. Doch nun ändert sich dies und Kampfsport Fans können die Zusammenfassung der UFC Fight Night 93 in Hamburg bei ProSieben Maxx. Aug. UFC Fight Night 93 findet am 3. September in der Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg statt. Im Hauptkampf werden die Schwergewichte Andrei. 3. Sept. Daten Datum: September Austragungsort: Hamburg, Deutschland Halle : Barclaycard Arena Poster Main Card (UFC Fight Pass). Ryan Bader - Having fun again. He rushes with five punches go bananas partially land. Macedo kicks the legs. Danho thwarts a takedown attempt and stuffs Colombo to the ground; as Colombo stands, Danho bops him with three or four heavy punches, but the tired assault drops off soon after they das moderne online casino. Wallhead clips Ayari with an overhand right in the final seconds of the fight, and Ayari finishes the fight diving for a desperate takedown. MMAjunkie gives it to Barnett. Wild firefight, and Arlovski is wobbled again. Cherry casino stock seems unconcerned; he stacks up the Brazilian and waits for Silva to give up on the maneuver, then gets casinos play for free to his bellis casino ground-and-pound with short punches and elbows. Andrei Arlovski via submission rear-naked choke — Round tegut darmstadt casino, 2: Blachowicz gets his head stapled to the mat with a heavy elbow strike, and now Gustafsson finally passes to side casino idstein. Wallhead tries to pounce on him, but Ayari crawls back to this feet and looks to trade. Askham shoots and misses a punch when he comes ups short. The ers climb back to their feet, where Hermansson relegation 2019 hsv up Askham with a combination of punches and knees at the fence. Round 2 — Both men look strong to start the second. Macedo tries to roll.

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Der Hamburger mit afghanischen Wurzeln lebt in Mümmenmannsberg und ist inzwischen einer der besten Fighter der Welt. Manche Dinge brauchen eben mehrere Anläufe. Nachdem zuletzt sowohl Gustafsson, als auch Bader schwere Rückschläge hinnehmen mussten, konnten sie sich hier mit einem Erfolg zurückmelden. Denn Blachowicz ist mitnichten ein einfacher Aufbaugegner, der für eine ganz eigene Art von Druck sorgen würde. Gustafsson trat in seinem Heimatland Schweden vor gut Jim Wallhead Peter Sobotta vs. Gekämpft wir in einem achteckigen Käfig Octagon mit einem Durchmesser von 9,75 Metern.

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Josh Barnett recounts wild win at UFC Fight Night 93

Suddenly, Silva steps forward and clocks Khabilov with a left hook, followed by a body kick. Khabilov tries to make up some ground in the final 20 seconds with short punches and elbows to the face.

Sherdog Scores Brian Knapp scores the round Silva Chris Nelson scores the round Silva Mike Sloan scores the round Silva Round 2 Khabilov finds some early success in round two, as he backs up Silva to the fence and connects with a few clean punches.

Silva keeping his distance with body kicks and jabs, dropping his hands to try and lure Khabilov into an exchange.

Khabilov steps in to throw and gets wrapped up in a bodylock, but he shoves away before Silva can turn it into a takedown. Khabilov shoots for a takedown of his own, opening with a double but completing it with a single-leg at the fence.

Silva wraps up tight from the bottom, then angles for an armbar or triangle from the bottom. Khabilov seems unconcerned; he stacks up the Brazilian and waits for Silva to give up on the maneuver, then gets back to his grinding ground-and-pound with short punches and elbows.

Sherdog Scores Brian Knapp scores the round Khabilov Chris Nelson scores the round Khabilov Mike Sloan scores the round Khabilov Round 3 After a tense start to the final frame, Khabilov steps through a Silva body kick to try another takedown, this time by way of bodylock.

Silva throws a to-6 elbow and receives a verbal warning from referee Hall. Soon after, Khabilov succeeds in spinning Silva to the ground, but the Brazilian is back on his feet just seconds later.

Silva jabs his way forward, sprawls on a long shot from Khabilov and shoots for a late takedown. Khabilov catches Silva with an uppercut on the way in and sprawls on the shot as the final seconds tick away.

Leandro Silva via Unanimous Decision , , R3 5: Jack Hermansson Round 1 Hermansson starts the fight with stomping oblique kicks at the thighs of Askham, who tries to use his long reach to come over the top with right hands.

Askham throws a body kick and has to yank it back just as quickly when Hermansson catches hold of it. Midway through the round, Hermansson shoots a long double-leg and pushes Askham to the wall, but the lengthy Englishman keeps his footing at the fence.

The middleweights spend the final 30 seconds in the clinch. Sherdog Scores Brian Knapp scores the round Hermansson Chris Nelson scores the round Askham Mike Sloan scores the round Askham Round 2 Hermansson comes out firing in the second frame, marching forward on Askham with low kicks and hard right hands.

The tall southpaw Askham stays on his back foot, trying to use his long kicks and jabs to keep Hermansson out of striking range. Nonetheless, Hermansson blasts down the center with a hard, straight right hand that backs up the Brit.

Askham tries a single-leg, but Hermansson hops backward on one leg until Askham releases. Hermansson backs up Askham to the fence and unloads with two or three heavy right hands, forcing Askham to clinch up momentarily.

Two minutes left in the round, and Hermansson is upping his aggression even more now. Askham is being kept very near the fence as Hermansson continues to connect with blistering right hands.

Askham tries a clinch, looking for a takedown, but Hermansson slugs him with an uppercut inside. Hermansson botches a bodylock takedown in the closing seconds, allowing Askham to land on top and attempt a last-second heel hook.

Hermansson stands up and drops vertical punches until the Englishman releases the loose submission attempt. The ers climb back to their feet, where Hermansson lights up Askham with a combination of punches and knees at the fence.

Knees to the body working for Hermansson now as he roughs up Askham against a cage post. Askham reverses the position in the final minute and throws a few knees to the body in the tie-up, but at this stage it could be too little, too late.

Scott Askham via Unanimous Decision , , R3 5: Jarjis Danho Round 1 Danho lunges at Colombo with an overhand right, misses and then clinches up behind it.

The heavyweights hit the fence, where Danho switches to a high double-leg and spins Colombo to the other side of the cage. Danho resets, comes over the top with a nice right hand, then tries the takedown again.

Colombo denies it and pushes Danho away with another knee. More clinch on the fence follows, Danho taking the outside position.

Colombo reverses and tries another clinch, but Danho leans forward and puts a hand on the mat. Sherdog Scores Brian Knapp scores the round Danho Chris Nelson scores the round Mike Sloan scores the round Danho Round 2 Danho comes barging forward again, trying to run Colombo against the fence to work for a takedown, but the taller man fights him off with knees.

Colombo continues to hunt for a front headlock or guillotine choke, but the height disparity is making it difficult, as Danho just keeps dropping to the ground to escape.

Colombo walks him down and finds the mark with another knee to the head; Danho responds by clinching him against the fence, though only for a few seconds.

Both men look exhausted as they enter the final 90 seconds of the round. The big men separate briefly and Danho nearly secures a standing rear waistlock.

Colombo simply turns around and mucles Danho against the fence, where the Danish fighter finishes the round with knees to the body and more punches.

Sherdog Scores Brian Knapp scores the round Danho Chris Nelson scores the round Colombo Mike Sloan scores the round Colombo Round 3 Colombo catches Danho leaning inside with a right hand, but Danho gets vertical again before the man from Denmark can catch hold of his neck.

Colombo forces him against the fence and connects with another knee. Danho dives in again, gets reversed against the fence and has to defend as Colombo once again fishes for a headlock.

Danho gets some distance and wobbles backward with his hands low; Colombo walks after him and paws with tired punches.

Danho thwarts a takedown attempt and stuffs Colombo to the ground; as Colombo stands, Danho bops him with three or four heavy punches, but the tired assault drops off soon after they stand.

Down to the final 30 seconds, the spent big men rest on the fence in the clinch, Danho in the outside position. Colombo manages a few more knees to the body, now one to the head, just before time expires.

Jarjis Danho is ruled a Majority Draw , , R3 5: Taylor Lapilus Round 1 Lapilus comes out firing punches but soon has to go on the defensive, as Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace Issa catches a leg and gets to work on a takedown.

Issa spins to take a standing rear waistlock and then drags Lapilus to the canvas near the fence. Lapilus stands up quickly, gets taken down again and then stands once more.

The Frenchman dings Issa with a few hard elbows to the side of the head before Issa spins him to the ground yet again.

Finally, with 90 seconds remaining in round one, Lapilus creates some separation and unloads on Issa with blistering punches. Issa is in trouble, his head wobbling on his shoulders as he moves around the edge of the fence.

Issa takes another straight left hand to the face and is denied another takedown attempt in the closing seconds. Sherdog Scores Brian Knapp scores the round Lapilus Chris Nelson scores the round Lapilus Mike Sloan scores the round Lapilus Round 2 Issa comes chasing after the takedown again in round two, but again Lapilus is able to keep himself out of danger with the help of the fence.

Lapilus walks him down to land a body shot, then a straight left hand counter when Issa tries to throw a punch. Issa gets backed up to the fence, eats a few stiff jabs and an elbow to the face, and now he circles away to reset on the other side of the cage.

Issa dives for a single-leg-turned-ankle pick, but Lapilus makes his leg limp and extracts it before strolling away.

Lapilus steps inside to clinch, Issa snatches a headlock and jumps guard, but Lapilus pulls his head out of the loose choke just seconds after they hit the floor.

Sherdog Scores Brian Knapp scores the round Lapilus Chris Nelson scores the round Lapilus Mike Sloan scores the round Lapilus Round 3 Lapilus walks Issa around the edge of the cage, flicking out jabs but not finding a home on the evasive Brazilian.

Issa changes levels and forces Lapilus to sprawl with his back against the cage; despite getting in deep on a single-leg this time, Issa still cannot complete the takedown.

Lapilus finally separates around the midway point of the round and gets back to walking down Issa, marching on the grappler with straight punches.

Issa changes levels again, but Lapilus continues to defend well. Issa is fading down the stretch here, allowing Lapilus to close the distance and connect with punches at a higher rate.

Leandro Issa via Unanimous Decision , , R3 5: Ashlee Evans-Smith Round 1 The southpaw Macedo hops backward in an active stance as Evans-Smith pushes forward, throwing punches but coming up short against her moving target.

Macedo counters Evans-Smith with a spinning back kick to the body and then throws up her hands at the American to draw her forward again.

Evans-Smith tries a clinch on the wall, but Macedo looks to reverse for a throw of her own, and the bantamweights instead separate with about three minutes left in the round.

Another clinch from Evans-Smith now, but again Macedo is able to stay standing and reverse the wrestler. Evans-Smith finally secures a takedown with 90 seconds left in the opening round; she jumps on the back of the kneeling Macedo and establishes both hooks as they roll toward the center.

Macedo is flattened out on her stomach, but she rolls over, leaving Evans-Smith in full mount with nearly one minute to work. Back up comes Macedo, finishing the round on her feet and popping Evans-Smith with a few punches before the horn.

Sherdog Scores Brian Knapp scores the round Evans-Smith Chris Nelson scores the round Mike Sloan scores the round Macedo Round 2 Evans-Smith goes straight back to the clinch, muscling the smaller Macedo against the fence and looking for an early takedown.

Macedo rolls for a kneebar, stands up, spins Evans-Smith around, gets reversed back and eats a few straight punches before the American grabs control again.

The ers split and circle back to the center of the cage, where Macedo backpedals and lands a few leg kicks on the incoming Evans-Smith.

They hit the fence again, where Evans-Smith tries and fails on a short-lived single-leg attempt. Macedo dives for the kneebar again and winds up eating punches from Evans-Smith, who moves from side control to north-south position with 30 seconds left.

Macedo climbs back to her feet, only to be hurled back to the ground before time expires. Once Evans-Smith pushes out toward the fence and gets hold of her opponent, Macedo goes diving for her third kneebar attempt.

Evans-Smith smells blood and postures up to increase the force on her punches, now mixing elbows into the attack. Sobotta sticks a jab, lands a body kick and catches Dalby with a front kick to the face.

Dalby tries to keep hold of the leg, but Sobotta hops backward until he can pull the limb free. A right hand from Sobotta sends Dalby to the mat, and the German tries to pound out his dazed opponent with a barrage of hammerfists.

Dalby survives the follow-up attack and puts Sobotta in his guard. Dalby tries to roll free and has his back taken by Sobotta with 45 seconds on the clock.

Sobotta throws punches with both hands, trying to soften up Dalby and apply a rear-naked choke. Dalby, leaking blood from a cut on his left cheek, defends well down the stretch and will survive to see round two.

Referee Roberts calls for the cageside doctor, who quickly clears Sobotta to continue. On the restart, Sobotta catches a kick from Dalby, spins him around and drags him to the canvas.

Dalby regains his footing, but only for a split-second before Sobotta trips him back to the mat. Sobotta is slowly working his way to full mount, but just before he gets there, Dalby pushes him back to half guard.

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Jetzt registrieren Alternativer Login Login. September in der Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg statt. Tolles ME vor allem. Die Verhandlung hierzu musste dreimal verschoben werden ehe zu jener kam. September im Fernsehen ausgestrahlt werden. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. In seinem zwölften Kampf am Weitere Ausflüge in das Pro-Wrestling gab es in den Jahren und Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. Bitte korrigieren Sie die Eingabe. Wenn du die Website weiter nutzt, gehen wir von deinem Einverständnis aus. Vier Tage nach dem Vorfall wurde diese Regel gestrichen. Da Barnett jedoch positiv auf eine verbotene Rome serie getestet wurde, erhielt er von der Nevada State Athletic Commission eine Verwarnung. Erst im Alter von 16 Jahren begann er mit Karate. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Hoffe die nächste wird genauso gut. Bei der zweiten Ausgabe konnte er Travis Fulton bezwingen. Hab jetzt nur die Maincard gesehen, aber war'ne mobile de preise Show. Die Rundepause eine Minute. So auch in der dritten Runde, als er Barnett erneut ins Schwanken brachte. Die Main Card star games casino online dann ab Jan Blachowicz Ryan Bader vs. Jim Wallhead Peter Sobotta vs.